Is Apple Doing Enough in the Smart Home Market?

Jason Snell writing about a recent Apple hire for Macworld:

This past week we learned that the company has hired a new head of home products, which makes me ask the question: What exactly does Apple expect Sam Jadallah to do? Is his job to make deals with HomeKit partners and make the HomePod more successful? Or is this the sort of thing that happens when a company shifts gears because it realized that …περισσότερα

Eventail Widget Adds GoodTask Integration, New URL Buttons

I last covered Eventail in April 2018, when its developer Jozef Legeny brought support for the iPhone X and new color schemes to his compact calendar widget for iPhone and iPad. With version 3.1 released today, Eventail (which over the past year also gained support for overdue reminders and interactive mode) is adding integrations for popular third-party apps and a convenient shortcut to reopen links contained in events and reminders.

As I argued last year, what …περισσότερα

Apple Answers Two-Factor Authentication Questions Raised by Developers

A week ago, Apple sent an email to developers announcing that it would require two-factor authentication for all developer accounts beginning February 27, 2019. The message linked to an Apple two-factor authentication support page that applies to all Apple IDs. The trouble was, the support page didn’t answer many of the developer-specific questions that were immediately raised.
The concern I’ve heard voiced most often by developers is whether someone who uses one Apple ID to log …περισσότερα

Connected, Episode 231: Dozens of Invisible Footnotes

The boys dive into a sea of rumors after Federico explores San Jose’s municipal websites, Myke gives everyone a gift and Stephen returns from a journey.

On this week’s episode of Connected, we discuss the latest Marzipan rumors and consider the implications of a 6K display made by Apple. You can listen here.
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Luna Display: The only hardware solution that turns …περισσότερα

AutoSleep Adds Today Dashboard, Customizable Clocks, and More

AutoSleep, the automatic sleep tracker for iPhone and Apple Watch, has followed up its big 6.0 release from late last year with a 6.1 update that adds a brand new Today screen, the ability to customize the design of the app’s sleep clock, and several other smaller improvements.

Today is the foremost navigation tab in the updated AutoSleep, providing a dashboard view of different stats related to your latest night’s sleep. It serves as an addition …περισσότερα

Jason Snell on Podcasting with Only an iPad Pro

Jason Snell’s podcasting setup is similar to mine – he wants to hear his own voice, record his local audio track, and have a conversation with multiple people on Skype, who also need to hear his voice coming from an external microphone. And he wants to use one computer to do it all. Now he’s figured out how to podcast from an iPad Pro with the help of an additional USB interface:

In the …περισσότερα

The HyperDrive Slim 8-in-1 USB-C Hub Balances Flexibility and Portability for Mac and iPad Pro Owners

My main Mac is a 2016 MacBook Pro, which isn’t ideal. The problem isn’t really the laptop itself, it’s that my needs have changed. You see, in 2016 I was commuting to downtown Chicago every day and I wanted a portable Mac for working in Xcode and other tasks on the go.
Now, I work from home and my MacBook Pro sits in clamshell mode most of the time. It’s handy to have the MacBook to …περισσότερα

AppStories, Episode 99 – Pick 2: Everyday Workflows

On this week’s episode of AppStories, we each pick an aspect of our MacStories work and break down the apps, workflows, and processes we use to accomplish it.
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Ten Years Ago, Apple Said Goodbye to Macworld but Set the Stage for the Future

Macworld 2009. Image via [Engadget.](
In January 2009, Apple took to the stage at Macworld Expo one final time. The company announced the change a few weeks before the show. Phil Schiller would deliver the keynote. News of Steve Jobs’ medical leave would break just weeks later, one day before the keynote.
All of this cast a weird vibe over the event, and while it was far from Apple’s most exciting keynote, it’s worth revisiting Phil Schiller’s …περισσότερα

AnyFont: Install Any Font on Your iPhone or iPad [Sponsor]

iOS devices come with a pre-installed set of fonts. That’s great, but sometimes you want more. Whether you’re working on a special presentation or another document, AnyFont makes it possible to use exactly the fonts you want whether they come preinstalled or not.
AnyFont lets you install TrueType Fonts (.ttf), OpenType Fonts (.otf) and TrueType Collections (.ttc) on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Once installed, these fonts can be used system-wide in apps like Pages, …περισσότερα